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Nordrhein-Westfalen Looking for english speaking players and companions

Priest of Innos

Hi, I am Jan from Czech Republic, 29 years old, and originally I am a librarian and teacher.

I am looking for english speaking gamers, companions, friends for playing basically any kind of RPG and doing all possible fantasy stuff there is to do, from cons through escape games to medieval markets or larping.

I am spending every month a week in Hattingen and around (Essen, Bochum, Oberhausen, Dortmund etc. etc. etc.), which is my search area. I am coming in here to spend some time with my boyfriend, who lives here and since he has, unlike me, usual Mon - Fri work, I am still having a lot of time just for myself. And that I would like to use for meeting new people and sharing all the good stuff of narrative arts of role-playing.

I have experience with classic DnD 3.5 and Pathfinder and its clones like Torchbearer or Labyrinth Lord, I enjoyed very much Fate 2nd and 4rth edition and have a soft spot for Shadowrun, though I played only second edition, I wouldn't mind to try Earthdawn, I've read some books, but not sure anymore, which edition. I still dream about playing epic medieval romance in Fading Suns or that one day I will force myself to really read Burning Wheel and enjoy tolkienesque campaign with the exactly right mixture of melancholy, tragedy, epic and awesomness. I recognize qualities of World of darkness, but right now I am not looking for this one, certainly not in a manner of a long campaign.

I am not against being GM, though I guess I enjoy being a PC quite more.

I prefer fantasy or heavy fantasy features (like in Shadowrun), sci-fi is really not working for me. Also serious, long-termed campaigns are certainly more interesting (serious doesn't mean lack of humour, of course) and good-aligned parties. Dashing bastards can be fun, but I thing we can all agree, that such stories have quite different structure and rules and it's not something which can entertain me for very long.

Otherwise, I am the not so uncommon mixture of introvert and extrovert, my passion is classic english literature. From PC gaming I adore KOTOR2, that conversation in BG 2 between Irenicus and Ellesime, Dragon age: Origins, Gothic 1 and 2, Planescape (ofc) and I guess I will love Numenera :D

As Agatha Christie said, tell me what you read and I will tell you, who you are - so from fantasy books I love Tolkien, Witcher series (though didnt play the games yet), Farseer from R. Hobb, Fionavara from Kay, Beagle's Last Unicorn, the absolute masterpiece Earthsea cycle, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Black Company and Dragonlance is my absolute guilty pleasure.

So, who's gonna be my friend?!!!
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Woooha! Absolutely fantastic post. What a pity that you do not look for players in the Frankfurt area. I wish you all the luck you deserve. :super
so, we're talking about a monthly fantasy campaign on a weekday (MO-FR)?
Hmm... wednesday could work... (42781 Haan-Ost, near the A46 Autobahn)
Great! What do you play? From classic heavy rule sets I would prefer Pathfinder, otherwise from the more narrative system I grew to love Barbarians of Lemuria, if you strip them of the setting.
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