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Call of Cthulhu Online Keeperin sucht Spieler für (ENG) homebrew Call of Cthulhu Kampagne.

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Call of Cthulhu 7th
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Eleanor Klein

Hey! My name is Eleanor, I'm 20 years old, have hundreds of hours of Game-Mastering experience and even though it was mostly D&D, I want to start a CoC (7e) game this time.
1920s, USA lovecraftian horror. Investigators, murderers, mystery solvers, gods, deities, cults, mystery and more horror.

First off, (important requirements/all you need to know)
-no stable play times.
With work, school, private life and hobbys, the times when I can play, are very random and would constantly be changing. Playing regularly, as much as I would like that, is sadly not something I could offer.
-LGBTQ+ friendly
In my games I will not tolerate any kinds of discrimination, hate or aggression. Equality, respect and representation are very important to me. I am LGBTQ+ myself and it's important to me to feel safe and that all others feel safe and welcome as well. My worlds don't know discrimination, I expect and require the same openness from my players. Role play connected with hate or trauma from the future, past or present, are of course still welcome, but in a controlled environment.
-I will stream the sessions on twitch and then publish them on YouTube (Eleanor Liddle).
-Playing in person is my preference, but with everything going on, we would play online, but with videochat so everyone can see each other.
-Your player characters (Investigators) have to be curious or interested or mystery solvers or have any sort of desire for solving problems and mysteries.
-The Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Game will be played in English (duh)

After finding a fantastic group for my D&D game on here, about 4 months ago, I am now looking for people interested in playing Call of Cthulhu. No worries about not knowing the game or its rules, I will gladly teach it to anyone interested. Much rather, the focus should be on creating a beautiful and horrifying story together.
I create and lead my own homebrew campaigns and love to put a lot of work, thought and preparations in the world and story. So I at least would like to have players that can have interest and show investment. If you don't care about the game, don't play it. The concept of the world, as well as what's important, I would send to those interested. The character creations(yes, plural. You'll need plenty) we could happily do in collaboration so that I could connect your characters better with the world and it's history.

I also offer and would like to have a session 0 to get to know each other and talk about expectations and wishes for the game.

My playstyle is chill, includes fighting but definitely has a focus on storytelling and role play. Ooc should be held to a minimum, you will have a lot of time for discussion before, after and in between of sessions.
I follow the rules of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition but generally homebrew a lot, go by the rule of cool and try my best to listen to my players.

I would be happy if someone is interested and wants to join the game :)

With best regards and have a nice day,
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Hello there,

as a Chtulu/Lovecraft fan im definitly interested to join your new group! First of all i aggree to all requirements, specaly the "no stable play time". Not that i dont have time, its just suites my work/shift time! ;D
Short info to myself.
My name is Pascale, german and 27. My experience is low with the 7the rules, but with the knowledge from some short storys i shouldnt have a problem to learn fast.
Anything else can be questioned later/in Discord or the prefer communication place.

G. Lekandor


Hey, I’m Patrick, 39 and german
I’m intrigued b your offer. I want to play CoC since forever, but hadn‘t had the chance to play it besides one one-shot. I’m really into 1920 to 1950 and would love to play some not-insane-after-one-night adventures/campaigns.
If This offer still stands please reach out to me

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