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(Advanced) Dungeons & Dragons Nordrhein-Westfalen I M(20) am looking for a 5e D&D group

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  1. DE - Nordrhein-Westfalen

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I have easily watched 2000+ hours of D&D campaigns over the years (Critical Role alone is already about 1000 hours), but never actually got to play D&D, as my friends are normies (no offense to them) and never showed interest in playing D&D.

Recently I have felt the urge to play D&D myself and therefore reach out to like-minded people and I guess that's what I am doing now.

A bit about me:

- I am an open and honest person and believe that the foundation of any relationship is good communication

- I am a fan of anything nerdy: D&D, board games, anime, you name it

- I am an introverted extrovert with a sprinkle of social anxiety, meaning that I am basically like a cat. It might take me a minute to adjust to new people, but once I do, I hold them close to my heart

- I am of the opinion that no adventuring party should be exclusive, especially at a ROLE-PLAYING game as inclusive as D&D

- I would like to think I am somewhat familiar with the rules and table manners regarding Dungeons and Dragons

I live in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany around 42855 Remscheid, but I would happily be willing to travel in order to play.

Whether you are already part of a group and are currently looking for a new player, are not part of any group yet, but wish to start a group or just have input/advice on how I/somebody could broaden their search in meeting like-minded people in the hopes of eventually finding a party, feel free to either message me on reddit u/Eggsphoenix or comment on this post, and I'll reach out to you. Personal anecdotes/experiences of finding your own party members are always welcome, as well.

Thank you for your time


Helfende Hand
Hi @pandaeier0001

In case you didn't know already, the coloured hilighted präfixes become searchfilters when you klick on them. Also write in Threads of others, often makes the search easier for everyone.
Alternatively you can also look into the One-Shot-Section.

I wish succes with your search and have fun playing.

cul8r, Screw
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