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Path-/Starfinder Nordrhein-Westfalen english Eberron campaign around Essen, Bochum, Dortmund

Priest of Innos

Eberron campaign

Hi, I hope I am not spamming with repeating my request. But I am visiting NRW area once per month for a week and I am looking for new english speaking friends/companions/players for Eberron campaing. I already found two really nice guys, I am going to meet another one and I would not mind to find one or two more players.
My next visit is on 11th - 17th September and I would actually start to play during those days. We can play in Essen, Dortmund, Bochum. More about me can be found in this previous searching topic in here.

So we would play once per month and if possible, more times during one week. I would like to play serious long termed ongoing campaign, nothing episodic. Story development as well as character stories should be the primary concern.

System: Pathfinder RPG. Traditional roles/classes would be welcomed, as it is easier to design tasks and encounters for group, though I am not going to limit anyone without a good reason.

Player characters: even though Eberron is a world of swashbuckling adventure, where greater good can be achieved through some really shady ways, I need for the campaign more or less good characters, let’s say LG/NG/CG. It is supposed to be epic campaign of heroic adventures with all the stuff around saving the world, protecting the innocent, forgiveness and resisting the temptation of evil or vengeance. I don’t promise anything original, but I hope, that cliché build on honest work can be still entertaining.

Story: Your lives were deeply connected to Cyre, which is no more. Within one day, terrible doom has sweeped the land and your hopes and dreams as well. You were abandoned and all the certainty you had in your lives, has crumbled.

No one knows, what caused that terrible tragedy and you were stripped of any vengeance or hatred. There is no one to blame and questions is all you were left with. Creation of Mournland, however, was not the worst what happened to you.

In some way, much more cruel was response from other countries. Kingdom of Cyre always considered itself as the peak of humanity, culture, literature and arts, beauty and philosophy – and maybe the good people of Cyre were right. Because after its destruction, it seems, that all virtues have left the world. When peace discussions started, representatives of Cyre were not allowed to attend and none country provided any real help. Breland was the only one, who accepted the whole community of refugees, but you saw in there only sickness caused by dirt and lack of supplies.

Your travels led you into Karrnath, where you settled down in the brothel house of Rusty Rose, social, cultural, economical and criminal center of the poorest part of the ancient city of Karrlakton, born place of two important kings: Karrn and Galifar himself. Maybe you will become an accountant in this hous, maybe a bouncer or one of the kind-hearted, but miserable prostitutes.

This place is full of misery, misfortune, lies, betrayal and fear. But some people around are true or deserving of being saved. There is a lot of space for compassion and maybe, just maybe you can find something to dwelve on, something to care about. Maybe you can stop just surviving and start to live again.

You have to make from this your new home. Because over the river, on the south, you can see the mists of Mournland. The land, which can never be your home again.

After all, as was written by the last prince of Cyre, Oargev ir'Wynarn: the art of losing isn’t hard to master.

The art of losing isn’t hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.

I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn’t a disaster.

—Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture
I love) I shan’t have lied. It’s evident
the art of losing’s not too hard to master
though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster.

Character examples
If we would manage to play for a longer time, there is a challenge of keeping your characters interesting not just for you, but for me as well. For this it can be nice to step out of usual stereotypes and try something more interesting. According to my taste, it can be something like that.

Peldren of Metrol
Dhampir, Bard

Stats of dhampir are used only to simulate a vampire for the player character. Peldren is truly a classic vampire, who changed his life for a dark eternity to have a time to study the Truth. Living for a long time in Metrol’s dark corners, where various people were seeking his knowledge and insight for a sacrifice, he understands that world is changing. Everything is in chaos, everything is poisoned with madness and he wants to understand, what is going on and what is the place and role of mortals in this most melancholic schemes of things.

“I am creature of the night seeking the light of knowledge. I witnessed the enlightenment of Sitna d’Aberlag and for thirty years studied his prophecy written on the stones of the cave he inhabited for the most of his life. I traveled through Five kingdoms in the company of Droigan the Cynic and cried at the burning stake with the ashes of Parlaton the Wise. I tasted the madness of planar traveler Ariaster the Pilgrim and lived as a sage as well as a fool. I create, I shape, I dream. I am looking for seven words which will make someone fall in love, three words which will let him to go without pain and for the one word, which can make atoning man to forgive himself. I changed my life for eternity, for eternity is required to understand, what is the Truth.

Though I am not sure there is one. In the wake of the Last War we all witnessed atrocities, which are beyond comprehension even of the children of the Night. Home of all my favourite philosophers is a wasteland now, with no reminder of the greatness it was hosting. Sitna’s cave crumbled and buried all his wisdom. I am the only one who remember his notes on Prophecy and I will never write it down. It is a great gift I paid for and such knowledge should never be given without sacrifice. I am librarian without books, a seer observing the hidden past, keeper of lost, dead knowledge."

Echo of the Name
Changelling, Sorcerer

This changelling is a prominent prostitute of a Rusty Rose. Echo can be anything you want – slender wood elven hunter, court mistress with delicious perfumes, vulnerable young girl or strong leading man. Echo has some usual visage for every role – face of a person eating breakfast, face of a person having fun, face of a person listening to a friend’s problem. But Echo does not have any face when being alone. There is no “me” for Echo of a name. Is this sorcerer a male or female? Sinner or saint? Beauty or a thoughtful scholar? For every person Echo can be, there is a face, voice, set of expressions and patterns how to behave. But who is Echo?

“I can be whatever they pay me for. I can be whatever will make me survive. But survival is not living. Sometimes I dream about a dark, cold place. I don’t know, why I am there. Why I came to such a place. Am I a spy getting information for someone who hired me? Am I looking for a shelter from an angry mob? I do not now – but whatever it is, it feels important. I crawl through tunnels and I constantly hear something lurking around me. I am afraid. I am afraid to lose myself, because at that dream… I am not someone else, I am myself, truly myself.
And then I catch a glimpse of something. It is shiny and dark as the blackest obsidian. Something inhales and than, than it hisses my name.”

Father Shard

Father Shard is just a shadow of a being, just a shard of a true existence. He inhabits old ceremonial armor and a silver mask full of cracks. He is of a quite, kind sort of people, focusing on protecting the others and generally trying to help to others to see a better future and work towards it. There is a shadow of some greater power in him, power, which is no more. Some speculates, that Shard is the last living piece of abandoned, dead god. But which god and what was his patronage? No one knows...

“Once I saw a boy praying to the gods. He was desperate, his life was utterly terrible. He was trying to be really good and he was praying honestly every day, when the church bell sang. All he wanted was any sign from the gods, that they are caring for him. That he is not alone. He started to hurt himself, to become a martyr. He put needles under his fingernails, he put nails into his boots and climbed a steep hills. Still, no answer.

One day, I saw him on his yard, praying during the sunset. He did not see me, I was behind his back. He was covered with bruises. He was asking for any sign of a divine help and than he said, he will turn around and expects to see the sign. I was waiting there, waiting for him to see me. I was waiting there to help him and heal him. But in the end, he did not turn. He did not have the courage to face the disappointment. And I went away. I went away.

I will not be silent again. I will not wait for the courage of others. I have enough of my own and I can share it. The gods have left the boy down and they will do it again. I will not.”


But not all the characters have to be so… deep and tragical and intellectual. Maybe you are a wild, passionate sky pirate, who’s airship was swallowed during the storm by sudden portal to a realm of madness, Xoriath. You survived unspeakable things and the good, poor people of a rusty rose had taken you in and you are serving them as a bouncer, still keeping your experience from your swashbuckling adventures.

Maybe you are prince Oargrev ir’Wynnarn, last heir to the throne of Cyre, left in here, because evil impostor send by Aundair has stripped you of your rights, name and fame.

Maybe you are someone else, whom I never dreamt about yet. Show me your face and tell me your name, and we will make a journey to a kingdom, which just died. To a kingdom, whose survivors are mourning and trying to go on with their lives, while the darkness is again slowly creeping in.
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