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Guten Morgen, wir suchen wieder verstärkung für unseern englischsprachingen Oneshot server.

Travelers, adventurers, heroes and companions! You have been invited by a mysterious entity known as the Observer to the island of Alderia. Will you follow the call?

Oneshot Server: Champions of Alderia
System: D&D 5e
Timezone: varies; mainly EU time
Platform: Roll20 and Discord Voice
Starting Level: 5
Ability Score Method: Heroic Point Buy
Notes: Oneshot Server, West Marches

Any other relevant info:
You start by making a character and bringing him or her to missions hosted by one of our several Dungeon Masters. The Observer sends you, known as the Spark-Bearers, to carry your light to all corners of the Multiverse - be it a call for help, a patron looking to hire sellswords or even a personal matter requested by another player.
These Missions are organized as (usually) independent one-shots, which will reward you with checkpoints to level your character and collectable tokens to be exchanged for Magic Items, in lieu of traditional loot.
Some things can even be crafted by the characters during downtime using our crafting System.
While most one-shots are independent standalone stories, some build up on a longer-lasting questline, and we also have created a shared, living world named Ghun Aithne, that DMs can develop and expand for the players to quest in, befriend new allies and grow attached to NPCs.

But before you answer the Observer's call a few social rules are laid out before you, making you hesitate for a moment before you advance:
- We strive to be a helpful and tolerant community, so hate-speech and bullying will not be tolerated.
- We do not want to provide ERP, so in-character relationships will be dealt with "fade to black"-style. Our server is no place to live out weird fetishes either. Keep it SFW.
- Powerful builds are fine, but all players and the DM should have fun. Combat is a essential part of D&D, but it is not all there is. We are looking for players who want to engage in all of combat, roleplay and puzzle solving and don't like min-maxing without any flavour. We wanna play a roleplay game, not do math!
- The halls of the observer have grown a bit quiet recently, with only a small core of players and DMs still carrying the spark out into the multiverse. This is why we are looking for DMs and Players that will help us bring life into the halls again, with hopefully soon daily missions being the norm.
- We as the mod team have started to introduce balance changes for weaker subclasses, so every player can focus more on the character concept they come up with and less build around the most useful subclass.

If you decide to still step through the gateway and follow the Observer's call to Alderia, or have any questions please message one of our staff members on Discord.

Discord Names:

Adam.#7512 (EST)
Lorienna#0461 (CEST)
Semako#2501 (CEST)
Tsaimath#3547 (CEST)
Velatus#4761 (CEST)
Darkdiamondwolf#0021 (CEST)

We are looking forward to hopefully welcome some new faces to soon play with us
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